10 Tips to Increase Google Adsense CPC Revenue

  Want to increase Google Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click) and make more money? Adsense optimization solves this problem. When we talk about Adsense optimization, there are many ways to achieve it, but the main goal is to get higher eCPM and thus higher revenue per click (CPC). Also, even though your Adsense CPC is high, you may not make any money.

StarryDNS summer promotion: Tokyo/Osaka/Hong Kong/Singapore multi-machine room KVM monthly payment starts at US$6.5

StarryDNS has also released a summer promotion plan, specifically providing multiple VPS and independent server packages, with optional computer rooms in Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong or Singapore, all of which are domestic direct-connect optimized lines and provide 100M large bandwidth , KVM architecture VPS host with a minimum monthly payment of US$

[6.18]HostXen recharges 300 to get 50, new users will receive vouchers when placing orders, Hong Kong & Japan & Singapore & the United States multi-machine room

HostXen is a DIY configurable cloud host platform that currently provides XEN architecture cloud hosts in 4 regions in Hong Kong, 2 regions in the United States, Japan and Singapore. During the 618 promotion, the merchant provided a special recharge gift event, which is currently the largest gift event.

DogYun Alibaba Cloud Line Hong Kong KC Simple Test

The day before yesterday, we shared the news that DogYun has been launched on Hong Kong KC Alibaba Cloud line/IP dynamic cloud server. Anyway, hourly billing is now free of setup fees. I also opened a trial with the lowest configuration. Try it, now it’s 30% off and the hourly billing is 0.0636 yuan/hour. The host supports self-service IP change, line modification, and can be deleted at any time.

IE6, tell me how to love you

I have always been a fan of Microsoft IE. Because of the habit, it has become a habit just like QQ. I have used it for a while before and I feel that IE is simpler. But today I made a png logo and found that , it is not transparent under IE6! It’s really depressing! But I have no problem using Firefox. Here are the screenshots of my two browsers:

A sharp contrast. ah! The same picture and the same website have different effects in different browsers. I am completely speechless.